Divya Tadimeti

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Hi! I’m Divya, a Master’s student at Columbia University studying Computer Science in the Machine Learning track. I just graduated from UC Berkeley where I studied Computer Science and Linguistics. I’m broadly interested in natural and spoken language processing, and I care deeply about the inclusivity and accessibility of language technologies.

In Spring 2023, I was a TA for Berkeley’s Natural Language Processing course. The previous fall, I interned at Deepgram where I built deep learning models for audio classification.

I am also an avid golfer and long-time violinist. In my free time, you’ll find me at the driving range, busking with friends, or trying a new vegetarian sushi restaurant.

Let’s connect!
dt2760 AT columbia DOT edu

select research

Discovering Differences in the Representation of People Using Contextualized Semantic Axes.
Li Lucy, Divya Tadimeti, David Bamman
EMNLP 2022

How is Empathy Conveyed in Spoken Language? An Acoustic-Prosodic Analysis.
Divya Tadimeti, Run Chen, Julia Hirschberg
Young Female Researchers in Speech Technology Workshop, Interspeech 2022

Evaluation of Off-the-shelf Speech Recognizers on Different Accents in a Dialogue Domain.
Divya Tadimeti, Kallirroi Georgila, David Traum
LREC 2022